How to enlarge breasts with essential oils?

what oils can you use to increase breast size

Beautiful breasts are every woman's dream. To make it come true, you must not forget about constant care, which includes the performance of special exercises, healing masks, creams, massage, various types of wraps, as well as aromatherapy. Cosmetologists are confident that essential oils will help rejuvenate, tighten the skin of the breast, make it firmer and more sexy. And the skin after using essential oils will become even, elastic and tender. What oils are used for the breast? How to use them correctly?

Effects of essential oils on breast skin

Well-chosen oil improves blood circulation in the cells under the skin, strengthens the muscles of the chest and improves the shape of the bust. When you massage your breasts with aromatic oil, the effect will be greatly enhanced. Some essential oils, such as those from flax seeds, tighten and noticeably enlarge the breasts with constant use.

Please note!The result after using the oils is not long-term, so you have to constantly carry out procedures.

You can use essential oils in the form of a compress or masks. Also add to different tonics, lotions, creams, apply during massage. Remember, it is forbidden to use undiluted oil, it leads to various rashes, severe irritation. It is best to mix the product with fat cream, sour cream, milk, kefir, almond or vaseline oil, cream. When you rub in the mask, make sure that the mixture does not get on the nipples.

Benefits of Flaxseed Oil for Breast

This type of oil will quickly tighten the pectoral muscles, giving the bust a splendor. Phytoestrogens are a part of flaxseeds, with their help the level of estrogen increases. When the level of the hormone begins to rise, the breasts increase significantly without surgery.

To increase efficiency, it is necessary to combine the external use of flaxseeds with the internal use. How to prepare a magic remedy? A tablespoon of flax seeds is taken, poured with half a liter of kefir. The mixture is drunk in the morning, evening, one hour after eating. You must hold out for 2 months, then rest for a month and continue the course again. Experts are confident that flaxseed oil affects the breast after 5 months of use.

Natural butter is best prepared at home. To do this, you need to take 2 drops of an essential oil from flax seeds, dissolve in any vegetable oil. When applying, be sure to massage. The effectiveness of the oil will increase if you take a contrast shower.

Olive oil for breast massage

Natural olive oil contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals, and oleic acid. Scientists have proven that aromatic olive oil is the best preventive measure for breast cancer. With it, you can stop the growth of a malignant tumor. Besides using olive oil externally, it is important to take it internally.

Before purchasing olive oil, be sure to carefully check the production time of the product. If the olive oil is expired, it can seriously damage your health.

It is very important to apply olive oil after childbirth, with its help you can get rid of scars and stretch marks that prevent you from wearing clothes with an open neckline. With a daily massage with olive oil, excellent results can be achieved. The tool is allowed to be used even during pregnancy, it is absolutely safe. You will increase the effectiveness of the oil by adding a few drops of vitamin E.

Benefits of camphor oil for breasts

Always use camphor oil during pregnancy and breastfeeding. You noticed that the mammary glands began to swell strongly, harden, there is severe pain and it is impossible to express milk, make a compress with camphor oil and it will become much easier for you.

How to make camphor oil?

  • Heat the camphor a little.
  • Soak cheesecloth in oil and wrap it around the breast.
  • Place a cling film or plastic bag on top. After that, wrap your chest with a shawl, a warm scarf.
  • Compress at night, and in the morning wash your breasts with warm water.

After using the compress, you will notice significant relief in the morning. Your breast will become soft, the pain will subside, and the milk can be easily expressed. To consolidate the healing effect, the procedure is repeated once more. It is important to use camphor oil immediately after the first symptoms and chest pain appear.

Enlarge breasts with aromatic oils

Essential oils are used to enlarge, tighten breasts, get rid of stretch marks. It is important to be guided by the fact that for effectiveness the oil is applied within three months. Remember to dilute with base oil when using.

The following recipes are effective:

  • You will need 3 essential scents - verbena (15 drops), geranium (9 drops), flax seed oil will be the base, so take 50 ml. You need to use it during massage.
  • Prepare lavender oil (7 drops), tea tree ether (8 drops). The oil is rubbed into the chest for 10 minutes.
  • The following aromatic mixture is useful for the breast: fennel oil (9 drops), ylang-ylang (13 drops) and grape seed oil base - 50 ml.
  • It is necessary to take at least 4 drops of anise oil, fennel oil, rose oil, camphor oil. Rub into the chest morning and evening.
  • Breasts will noticeably increase when using citrus essential oils (take any 2 drops each) in combination with a base - olive oil (50 ml is required)

So, you are still dreaming of beautiful breasts. Enough! It's time to act. Rather buy oil and strengthen your breasts. All in your hands. In addition, you can contact an aromatherapist who perfectly specializes in the characteristics of different essential oils, he will recommend what you need. You can also consult with a beautician who knows all the secrets about using breast oil.