How iodine can enlarge breasts

An increasing number of the fairer sex wants to know how to enlarge breasts with iodine. The method is cheap, relatively simple, but rather dangerous. How to enlarge the breast with iodine, you can consult a doctor, since there are certain contraindications when using this remedy. It all depends on the natural data of the girl, since it is rare for a lady to exercise or other methods to increase the volume of the mammary gland without changing the rest of the body proportions.

How the medication is used with this method

Breast augmentation with iodine occurs due to increased blood circulation (at least theoretically) in the bust area when an alcohol solution of iodine is applied to the skin. Many ladies do this at home, since the procedure itself is quite simple: an iodine mesh is applied to the breasts. Is it possible to enlarge breasts with iodine? Official medicine does not recognize the effectiveness of using this substance to increase the bust, but it cannot deny the facts of the successful use of this medicine. Traditional medicine claims that breast augmentation with iodine is quite possible, but certain rules must be followed. The size of the bust can increase, as a rule, by 1-2 numbers. This is not due to a change in the size of the mammary glands, but with an increase in the volume of muscles on the chest.

Iodine for breast augmentation can be purchased at any pharmacy. It is sold in the form of an alcohol solution, which should be used for the procedure.

How to apply the mesh?

The method that enlarges the breast with iodine is very simple, but everything must be done carefully and accurately. The technology for its implementation is as follows:

  1. The girl must first take a shower. The décolleté area must be rinsed well. It is recommended to use a special cleansing lotion or other similar products for this.
  2. After that, massage the entire surface of the bust.
  3. At the pharmacy, you need to buy a bottle of the drug and cotton swabs in advance.
  4. On the bust, you need to draw stripes with iodine, which should not touch the nipple area. It may look like a breast augmentation mesh or a spiral that tapers towards the center. The main thing is that the lines are continuous and as even as possible.
  5. After that, you need to wait until the applied drug dries. For the duration of the procedures, it is necessary to purchase and put on after the session underwear made of breathable natural fabrics that support the breast well, but do not squeeze it.
  6. It must be remembered that the iodine grid should consist of longitudinal or transverse lines that should not intersect anywhere. The distance between these segments should be more than 0. 5 cm.

Those ladies who have tried this technique claim that it is possible to increase breasts by 1 size in 30 to 90 days. The first results with regular treatment sessions appear after 3-4 weeks, but for most girls, the effect of using this method appears after 2-3 months.

Care must be taken that the drug does not accidentally get on the nipples, as this can cause a rather painful burn. Women should understand that it is not about how to enlarge the bust, but about the correct application of the recommended procedure. Many girls, wanting to speed up the process, increase the dose of the medicine used, and then end up in the hospital due to a severe burn. It is impossible to cover the mammary glands with a continuous layer, this can lead to negative consequences. Therefore, a mesh or a spiral is made.

Contraindications for this procedure

Breast augmentation with iodine occurs gradually. Therefore, a session of applying the substance to the skin is performed once every 24 hours. Since this substance is a drug, it also has contraindications.

If, during the application of the mesh, the fairer sex feels fever, an increase in body temperature, then it is necessary to urgently stop the session. To avoid the appearance of burns on the skin, it is forbidden to cross the iodine lines. The next layer is applied not on top of the previous one, but slightly to the side. To do this, you need to retreat at least 5 mm from the place where the previous line was drawn.

doctor's consultation on iodine breast augmentation

It is forbidden to use iodine to increase the bust of those girls who are predisposed to the development of a cancerous tumor on the mammary gland. Therefore, any lady who wants to use the described method of enlarging the mammary glands should be checked by a mammologist for the absence of a cancerous or malignant neoplasm.

If a girl lives in an area where there is a lack of iodine in the human body, then it is better for her not to use the described procedure, since the substance will be absorbed into the skin simply due to its lack in the body.

If used too often, the mesh can cause skin burns, sternum disease, thyroid ailments. In many cases, an overdose occurs, a disease such as iodism appears. This ailment can also manifest itself with individual drug intolerance. During this disease, the respiratory tract is damaged, and this leads to a cough. The irritation spreads to the eyes, which sharply impairs vision. On the patient's body, wounds and painful acne develop, similar to the symptoms that appear with erysipelas of the skin.

It is forbidden to apply any procedures with the specified medication to pregnant women, as this can lead to very serious negative results due to hormonal changes in the body of the expectant mother.

pregnancy as a contraindication to breast augmentation with iodine

Doctors recommend applying the mesh to the décolleté only for colds, for a short time.

The use of the drug can serve as the onset of cancer in some of the fairer sex. Then, instead of breast augmentation, they can remain without mammary glands. In the simplest cases, they can get severe burns of the skin or dry out the décolleté area. And this will lead to the appearance of discomfort due to the deterioration of the woman's appearance.

Conclusion on the topic

There is no need to look for a universal remedy in the proposed method of breast augmentation. Some girls really manage to increase the bust by 1-2 sizes, but most of these methods do not help. The consequences of improper use of alcoholic tincture of the above substance can be unpredictable, and in many cases, irreparable.