Features of performing endoscopic breast augmentation

Beautiful and voluminous breasts are the dream of every representative of the fair sex, only nature does not reward everyone with it. Endoscopic breast augmentation involves a surgical procedure for the implantation of implants.

The main advantages of the method

Among other techniques that allow you to increase the volume of the breast and correct its defects, endoscopy has some advantages:

  1. Preservation of the possibility of breastfeeding babies. The implant is positioned directly under the muscle. This location does not in any way interfere with the natural functions of the mammary gland.
  2. The breast retains the most aesthetic appearance. The ability to position the seam in the armpit makes it virtually invisible. After a few months, the scar dissolves and disappears. The implanted implant does not show through the skin, so the breast retains its natural appearance.
  3. Short operation time. Thanks to the use of an endoscope, the doctor has the opportunity to examine the entire operating field and control the process. The manipulations carried out become more accurate, and the procedure itself lasts no more than an hour.
  4. The recovery period passes quickly. The tissues during the operation are not too traumatized, the healing process goes quickly and well. After 2 weeks, the patient can already return to her usual lifestyle, but with some reservations.

Who is the breast augmentation procedure indicated for?

In what cases is it planned to do endoscopic breast augmentation or breast correction? For example, in the following:

breast measurement before endoscopic augmentation
  • insufficient development of the mammary gland;
  • small breast size;
  • sagging breasts, which could be the result of feeding the baby or a sharp decrease in weight;
  • asymmetry of the chest;
  • deformation of the chest resulting from trauma or surgery.

Preparation period

As with any operation, mammoplasty requires a certain preparation of the patient, testing for the absence of any contraindications. You will need to do the following examinations before breast augmentation:

  • undergo an ultrasound of the breast;
  • take a general blood test;
  • set the blood clotting time;
  • do a blood test for AIDS, hepatitis, biochemistry, genital infections.

A preliminary consultation with an anesthesiologist will be required, which will help to identify in advance possible complications from anesthesia during the operation. Any surgery is an intervention in the body and a violation of natural processes, therefore, preliminary preparation must be taken very seriously.

How is the operation performed

There are several ways in which endoscopic breast augmentation can be performed:

  1. An incision directly below the mammary gland. Its length, as a rule, does not exceed 3. 5 centimeters. The disadvantage of this option is that even with the most successful suture healing, when only a thin scar remains at the wound site, the scar can periodically remind both the woman and her partner of a breast augmentation operation.
  2. Incision near the nipple. This option is fraught with consequences. First, scar formation remains inevitable. Secondly, it is the impossibility of breastfeeding future children. During the operation, some ducts and the glandular tissue itself are affected. In the future, if a woman wants to have a child and becomes pregnant, it will be impossible to feed him with mother's milk. Another complication that most frightens patients who opted for this particular method of breast augmentation is the possible complete loss of nipple sensitivity. In this case, the bust will already be defective.
  3. Operation through the axillary access. It is considered the most successful and safest option for breast augmentation. The breast tissue remains intact, so in the future it will be possible to feed the children without any problems. The scar that forms under the armpit can finally dissolve within six months, therefore it will not spoil the result at all. In general, the procedure for inserting the implant through the axillary access under the pectoral muscle is more convenient, but requires certain endoscopic equipment to be carried out. It will be necessary not only to cut the muscle tissue, but also not to damage the large vessels passing here. In general, much less time is spent on the entire procedure. Breast augmentation through the armpit makes it possible to significantly shorten the recovery period. If the clinic has a modern laser installation, the possibilities for a favorable outcome of the operation increase several times.

A month before the operation, you should adjust the diet and revise the diet. This is especially true for those ladies who regularly go on diets. Lack of trace elements and vitamins leads to poor healing of damaged tissues. For a couple of weeks, they stop taking all drugs that can affect blood clotting. As a rule, their list is issued for consultation by a surgeon or anesthesiologist. In three days, you need to try to quit smoking: due to this bad habit, a rough and ugly scar can form.

In no case should you drink alcoholic beverages either before or after the operation. Alcohol is the strictest contraindication to all drugs for anesthesia and medicines.

The operation is performed in a conventional operating room, where the maintenance of sterility is guaranteed.


Like any medical procedure, endoscopic mammoplasty has a number of contraindications, in the presence of which it is worth refusing to perform breast augmentation surgery to avoid further negative consequences. These include:

  • any neoplasms in the area of the mammary glands (both malignant and benign);
  • current infectious diseases;
  • chronic or acute diseases of internal organs;
  • diabetes;
  • blood diseases;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • minor age;
  • if not one year has passed after the completion of breastfeeding;
  • mental abnormalities or unstable psychological state of the patient.


The first day after the operation, as a rule, the patient spends in the hospital ward, where he is provided with the supervision of medical personnel and the provision of qualified medical care if necessary.

For the first week after breast augmentation, patients experience pain at the incision site. Pain relievers are recommended to reduce this negative effect. In no case should physical exertion be allowed. You need to avoid sharp waves of your arms, try not to raise them above shoulder level. Within three months, you will have to forget about going to the bathhouse or sauna, not to visit the solarium. Carrying out any procedures in the breast area during this period is strictly prohibited.

breast before and after endoscopic augmentation

The price of endoscopic breast augmentation surgery may differ not only depending on what material the implant is made of, but also on the experience and reputation of the surgeon. The price difference can be up to two times. Before opting for a cheaper option, you should think about whether you are ready to risk your health and leave it in the hands of a complete stranger.

The successful outcome of endoscopic breast augmentation through the armpit depends not only on the appearance in the future, but also on the state of health. Before deciding on such an important and responsible step, it is worth weighing all the advantages and disadvantages, making sure that there are no contraindications or grounds for concern. In the presence of the slightest deviations, it is better to abandon the operation or postpone it. Re-mammoplasty is extremely risky, and not every specialist will undertake to do it.