What makes breasts grow: nutrition for breast enlargement

The main reason for small breasts is a lack of the hormone estrogen. In the female body, it is he who is responsible for the beauty of female forms. When estrogen is low, a woman acquires a "boyish" figure: the chest becomes flat, the thighs are skinny. Therefore, if you want to slightly increase your bust, add foods that contain estrogen to your diet. Note that we are talking about natural products, and not about pills or dietary supplements. So what should you do to make your breasts grow?

Breast augmentation products with estrogen

Spices and herbs: fenugreek, fennel, hop cones

Fenugreek contains phytoestrogen, a substance similar to the natural female hormone. Its content is especially high in fenugreek sprouts, which are recommended to be included in the diet.

Fennel has long earned its reputation as an excellent "supplier" of estrogen. It is often used in the production of teas for nursing mothers (to enhance lactation) and breast growth pills. Homemade breast augmentation with fennel will be simple and delicious: brew dried herb as a tea and drink it a couple of times a day.

The phytoestrogen content is especially high in hop cones. Therefore, by the way, the belief arose that it is advisable for women to regularly drink beer for breast augmentation. However, it is important to remember that beer producers often do not comply with the production technology. And instead of a naturally fermented hop and malt product, you can drink a chemical that is highly questionable. Therefore, it is advisable to use hop cones "as is", brewing with boiling water and drinking the drink for one week once every 1-2 months. This is exactly what our grandmothers did, who successfully used folk methods of breast augmentation.

Legumes and soy

These beneficial breast augmentation products are available to everyone. And besides, many of them are delicious. Regular peas and beans, as well as lentils, chickpeas, red beans are suitable. The estrogen contained in them is perfectly absorbed by the female body. But it is impossible to isolate it in laboratory conditions and "enclose" it in a tablet. Therefore, feel free to use natural products.


The protein and estrogen content is high in oats, brown rice, barley. Breast augmentation with products of this group will also allow you to cleanse the intestines and lose a few centimeters at the waist.

nutrition for breast augmentation

Vegetables and fruits

Eat everything! Despite the fact that most of them lack natural estrogen, vegetables and fruits allow the female body to maintain natural hormonal balance. And they do not allow testosterone to increase, a male hormone that, in excess, makes a woman's figure masculine, makes dark hair grow where it should not be.

Healthy fats

Does Fish Oil Promote Breast Growth? Breast enlargement without surgery is possible with the regular use of monounsaturated fats, which are found in flax seeds, olives, avocados, nuts, sesame seeds, as well as vegetable oils from these products. High levels of healthy fat are also found in high-quality marine fish. If you can't afford a red fish, eat a fat Kerch herring. The resulting fat will not be deposited on the waist.

Fatty foods for breast growth

As you know, it is the adipose tissue that gives the pleasant roundness of the female breast. By feeding it with calories, you can achieve breast augmentation. But it is worth remembering that along with the chest, the volume of the waist will grow, and then the hips. And it will be very difficult to adjust the figure in the future.

So check out fatty breast growth products. And decide if you should use them:

  • white bread and bread crusts,
  • bananas,
  • honey,
  • milk,
  • Salo.

In limited quantities, all of these foods are very beneficial to health. Therefore, they should not be completely avoided. But expecting one banana a week to help your breasts grow is also not worth it.

Foods that DO NOT help the breast to grow and from which the breast grows

Products for breast enlargement and what is good for the mammary glands. There are many myths regarding breast augmentation products. This mainly applies to those on a diet. Here are some of them.

  • Cabbage. This vegetable has no effect on the breasts. But you definitely need to eat it. Raw cabbage is great for cleansing the intestines. And against the background of a slimmer waist, the chest looks somehow larger.
  • Still mineral water. Its influence is also indirect. Each person is recommended to drink up to 1. 5 liters of mineral water per day. This rate ensures the normal metabolism in the body, the elimination of excess fat. A slender figure, beautiful breasts . . . Maybe the nature of delusion lies in this analogy?
  • Raw dough. A very harmful product that will not do you any good. Just don't use it.
  • Fatty food. Another harmfulness that brings 980 grams of weight to the abdomen and thighs, and only 20 grams gives to the breast. You can get unhealthy fats from margarine, store cookies, cakes, fried potatoes, mayonnaise. If you want to experiment with increasing breast fat, eat healthy fats. We have already spoken about them above.

Eating right along with exercise can do wonders for your body. This also applies to the bust, which can be "fed" with healthy products, strengthened with massage and physical activity. And then enjoy its attractiveness! Read reviews on the Internet, maybe there are some serkets.