Breast augmentation with round implants

how breast augmentation is done with implants

Every patient before augmentation mammoplasty faces the problem of choosing an endoprosthesis. Even after visiting several specialists, she may not get a definite answer.

For a very long time, round implants were the only possible choice for breast augmentation. And, despite the emergence of anatomical, which more closely follow the natural contours of the mammary gland, the spherical shape has remained the preference of many plastic surgeons.

Medicine does not stand still, so the new generation of round implants differs from the old in better quality, both in strength and in the appearance of the finished result. Modern round endoprostheses do not look artificial as they used to, and are also soft to the touch.

Types of round implants

Round implants can differ in the type of filling:

  • Saline.Contain a saline solution, which, when released, is absorbed by the body without causing harm.
  • Silicone.Filled with cohesive, non-flowing gel. It does not seep out even when the shell breaks.
  • Two-chamber.Combines silicone and saline solution.
  • Biocompatible.Contains a biodegradable gel based on natural polymers.

By the type of profile, spherical endoprostheses can be:

  • flat- low profile;
  • convex- with a high profile.

Who can use round implants

The opinion that it is better to install round endoprostheses for young girls with small breasts is erroneous. The choice of an implant depends not only on the wishes of the patient, but also on her physiological characteristics. When choosing it, the plastic surgeon takes into account the height, type of figure, the structure of the chest. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the woman's occupation and her daily activities. For example, female athletes often use ball-shaped endoprostheses.

By choosing round implants, you can achieve the same natural effect as with anatomical ones. It depends on the method of insertion of the endoprosthesis. If a round implant is inserted under the pectoral muscle, then under its pressure the gel flows into the lower part and acquires a teardrop shape. The degree of muscle pressure depends on its physiological abilities. Installation of an endoprosthesis under the mammary gland does not give such a result.

Benefits of round breast augmentation

Round implants are used more often than anatomical ones. They have a number of advantages, due to which the choice of both patients and plastic surgeons falls on them.

  • The price of round endoprostheses is lower than the price of anatomical ones.
  • It is easier and less problematic for a specialist to perform an operation to install a round implant.
  • Very long wearing of compression garments in the postoperative period is not required.
  • Fills in the upper lift of the chest for a "push-up" effect.
  • Rotating the implant does not change the shape of the breast.
  • Has a natural effect in any position.
  • Ability to install a prosthesis through any access.

Of course, the final choice of the shape of the implant depends only on you, but it is worth listening to the opinion of a competent plastic surgeon, because he has performed more than a dozen operations, and knows what the final result will look like in one case or another.