Will Exercise Help Increase Breast Volume?

how to enlarge breasts with exercise

Every woman dreams of a perfect figure with a luxurious bust. But different diets and homemade recipes are not a quick way to enlarge breasts. However, if combined with regular physical activity and special exercises, the visible effect will please you very soon. It is a good alternative to surgical intervention, which is fraught with complications and high cost.

Therefore, it is worth figuring out how to enlarge the chest with exercises. Moreover, it is permissible to perform them not only in the gym, but also in the usual conditions of a home environment. But to get a guaranteed result, you have to work hard.

Woman's chest from the point of view of physiology

When choosing sports for breast augmentation, women should remember that exercises are designed to build up the pectoral muscles (large and small). An increase in their volume will give the breast elasticity, relieve stretch marks and sagging.

The basis of a woman's bust, supported by the pectoral muscles, is formed by the mammary glands and tissue structures, which can be corrected by surgery. The muscles located under the chest can be tightened with exercises.

Age brings unpleasant bust problems for women. Due to the loss of tone of the muscles supporting the chest and improper posture, the ligaments are stretched, which results in sagging of the chest.

While increasing the mass of the chest muscles through exercise, it is important not to forget about a straight back, regular walks, hardening procedures and a good night's rest. Only then it is possible to restore the beauty and elasticity of the breasts, to surprise those around you with your gorgeous appearance.

Important nuances of sports at home

workouts for breast augmentation
  • Effective results require serious work. Therefore, you have to arm yourself with patience and perseverance. The maximum muscle tension during training causes painful sensations, but this is a sure signal that the exercise technique is correct
  • It is supposed to train for at least two months, but classes will have to become regular. If you stop them, the bust will lose its chic relief and additional volume
  • Gymnastics should not be daily, the optimal frequency is three workouts per week. Exercises can be performed every other day, because muscle building does not occur during training activities, but during the recovery period - during rest
  • To avoid getting used to the monotony of loads, after 3-4 weeks of training, the training program should be changed to ensure the effectiveness of the process. Sports help will provide a good result - an increase in breast volume up to 6 centimeters per month
  • Before starting training, it is better to get 7-10 kg dumbbells each, since you will have to do gymnastics with weights. Dumbbells can be replaced with two plastic bottles (1. 5 liters), filling them with sand, in extreme cases with water

How to train at home?

At home, sports are recommended to be carried out in a spacious and ventilated room. A tight-fitting sports bra should be a must, even if your breasts are small. He is picked up at a sportswear store.

Any set of exercises is preceded by a warm-up, which helps to warm up the muscles, as well as prepare them for the effects of intense loads. With the help of preparatory actions, it will be possible to prevent injuries when using dumbbells, to prepare the muscles of the sternum for increased loads.

Warm up with vigorous swinging arms and legs, jumps, squats or bends, dance movements, stretching the arms up and then clenching the palms can be performed to music. To add a few desired centimeters of chest volume, you will have to train hard with a tangible load until the muscles hurt, not forgetting about the correct posture.

Self-hypnosis elements with visualization of a beautiful shape and desired breast size will be useful. To ensure active breast growth, you need to adjust the diet by increasing the proportion of protein products in the diet that ensure the growth and preservation of muscle mass.

Minimum Study Program

If it is not possible to perform the whole complex of physical exercises, it is permissible to stop at two of them:

exercises for breast augmentation
  • Up to 20 push-ups from the floor with a straight back, for the legs - emphasis on the socks, arms when push-ups are bent at the elbows
  • For increased squeezing of the palms, the hands are joined in front of the chest, as for prayer, the palms are squeezed with a strong tension of the muscles of the chest, and not the palms

To maintain the tone of the pectoral muscles, there should be three courses of push-ups. It is permissible to start push-ups first from a bench or from a chair, and then lower to the floor. Exercise with the palms should be done at least 10 times. If it is difficult to keep your back straight, it is allowed to lean on the wall or back of a chair, sitting on it. After unclenching the palms, they should be shaken off.

The previous two actions are recommended to be done at the beginning of the lesson, they will be a kind of continuation of the warm-up. You can add to them stretching of the fingers, interlocking them in the plane of the chest, trying to spread the arms to the sides. The action is performed ten times.

A set of popular exercises that increase breasts

  • Deflection of the spine with stretching of the pectoral muscles

The exercise, borrowed from the yoga program, should be done on the floor while lying on your stomach. The ankles of the legs bent at the knees are wrapped with hands, bending the body as much as possible, which perfectly strains the pectoral muscles.

To begin with, they freeze in this position for 20 seconds, gradually increasing the interval to a minute. After a 10 second break, the pose is repeated, there should be at least three cycles.

  • Reverse push up

Use a chair to do the push-up. Sitting on the floor, arms laid back, clasp the seat of the chair, raise the body, resting with bent legs on the floor. Then they try to go down as much as possible, you can even touch the floor. After returning to the starting position, do push-ups 8 times

  • Press Up

Sitting on the floor, straight arms with dumbbells pull up. It is important for the chest muscles to provide maximum tension, there should be eight such presses

dumbbell exercise for breast augmentation
  • "Hands behind the head"

Taking the dumbbells in hand, place the shoulders on the bench. Bent at the knees, but legs wide apart, you should rest on the floor. Hands with weight are straightened straight up, then with the help of circular movements, straight arms are brought behind the head, slightly bending the elbows. Do fifteen sets.

  • Swing the wings

Armed with dumbbells, lean forward with knees slightly bent. Straight arms are lowered down parallel to the legs, the back is straight with the forearms parallel to the floor. After taking a deep breath, arms are spread to the sides, straightening them. There are twelve such spreads of hands.

How do you work out in the gym?

For activities that increase breast volume, you can go to a special gym or sports complex. In any gym there is a specially designated area where exercises are performed independently. Gymnasiums are usually equipped with a series of strength training equipment that can pump up the chest muscles, giving them firmness and fit. The training method of stimulating certain muscle groups allows you to achieve a visible and desired result much faster than at home.

If it is impossible or problematic to train on your own, then you can turn to a coach for support, who will give practical useful advice, suggest a suitable training program, and calculate the required load.

When exercising with a barbell, weights and dumbbells, you must remember that the increase in load should be gradual in order to avoid health problems. But you will have to do it regularly and with high efficiency to obtain the desired effect.

Some tips to supplement your studies

breast augmentation with exercise

In everyday life, not only during training, you need to remember about a straight back, head high and chest arched forward. The method of hardening with a contrast shower in combination with training will allow not only to pump up the bust, but also to restore youth to the skin of the décolleté. Especially if you supplement the exercises with proper nutrition with an abundance of fresh vitamins and adherence to the drinking regime, which is useful for filling the breasts.

For those who are not happy with their chest size, there is a little trick. To make your breasts appear larger, choose a rigid bra with voluminous cups. Such underwear lifts the chest, and the foam inserts visually increase the volume of the bust, which makes it possible to wear tight-fitting blouses and sweaters. The bust of the dress with a high waist and a seductively deep neckline are emphasized.

Performing special exercises, supplemented by swimming lessons, self-massage of the chest, regular visualization of the desired result, the right lifestyle with a good night's rest are simply bound to give excellent results!