Breast augmentation with own fat: indications and contraindications

breast augmentation with own fat

Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity has a zest, which endows them with their unique femininity. And largely thanks to the chest, this part of the body emphasizes, and in some cases it is also a good way to adjust the figure. From time immemorial, women have been looking for different ways to emphasize and improve it favorably. For example, breast augmentation with own fat.

At each time, there were standards of beauty, and our modern life dictates its own rules - you need to be sexy, which means to have bulky mammary glands. And now every woman has begun to strive for this, for the sake of this she is trying to resort to the help of specialists. But again, you should be careful, because breast health is no less important than its beauty!

What is a corrective operation, what are the indications and contraindications, as well as a number of other important points, we will try to disclose in the topic of this article.

What do women themselves think?

What is the opinion of women themselves regarding breast augmentation surgery? Many ladies, having learned about such a miraculous method, are cautious. On numerous forums, some women ask questions about whether fat will dissolve over time? Is the effect permanent or temporary?

At the same time, according to reviews about breast augmentation with own fat, opinions differ significantly. And the main reason for this difference lies in the need for professionalism and a great experience of a specialist in terms of transplantation and processing of adipose tissue. If the lipofilling procedure is performed by a highly qualified doctor, the risk of complications is minimal or absent.

The best alternative to silicone

From an anatomical point of view, a woman's breast consists not only of the mammary gland, but also of fat cells (adipocytes). It is due to the latter that the breast acquires the required volume. And the larger its size, the more fatty tissue there is. For this reason, an operation such as lipofilling is a more natural technique for correcting the shape of the breast.

breast augmentation with fat - an alternative to silicone

Adipose tissue for breast augmentation surgery with own fat is taken from problem areas. The physiology of women is designed in such a way that excess fat accumulates in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, legs, which leads to a loss of aesthetics of these parts of the body. They act as a donor, while the mammary glands themselves are already recipients.

In essence, lipofilling (LF) is a procedure to increase the volume, shape and eliminate breast defects by using a natural filler (filler). And it, in fact, is the adipose tissue itself. At the same time, not only can the charm be restored, but also some breast functions can be restored after an operation associated with oncological neoplasms.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that silicone prostheses can cause allergic reactions in some women.

Lipofilling Benefits

There are a lot of reviews about breast augmentation with your own fat. And many of them emphasize all the advantages of this procedure. What exactly are the advantages of such an operation? Let's analyze everything more specifically.

As you might guess, lipofilling is simply ideally combined with another equally important and also corrective procedure - liposuction. You can not only change the shape and volume of the breast, but also improve problem areas. And this is already a significant advantage!

And if you consider that the procedure is completely safe, then you hardly have to expect an allergy from your own adipose tissue. The nature-conformity of this technology is a stumbling block on the way of introducing fat transplantation into the masses.

Other benefits of fat breast augmentation surgery:

  • There are no stitches or scars due to the low degree of trauma.
  • There are mostly no side effects.
  • The operation can be performed using local anesthesia.
  • There are possibilities for correcting any part of the body or face.
  • After the lipofilling procedure, the breasts remain natural in terms of visual and tactile sensations.
  • The rehabilitation period lasts no more than a few hours.
  • The result can last a lifetime.

Due to the fact that adipose tissue contains stem cells (and in large quantities), a rejuvenating effect is achieved. But such a procedure also has a downside, which will be discussed later.

Reverse side of the coin

contraindications for breast augmentation with own fat

Among the negative aspects, one can consider the fact that surgical intervention is also required to remove adipose tissue, because it also needs to be obtained from somewhere. In addition, if a woman is slim, it is unlikely that such a procedure will benefit her.

There is also a certain nuance - this is a problem in relation to the adhesion of adipose tissue to the conditions of the new location. The biomaterial that is transplanted into the mammary glands for breast augmentation due to fat does not always become a single whole with it. And in some cases, it becomes a hard lump, and then the operation must be redone.

In addition, if there is a desire to lose weight, then the fatty tissue in the chest becomes the first at gunpoint. It is from this part that resorption will begin.

Who can do it

As we now know, lipofilling is the only safe procedure to restore the shape and size of the breast by filling the missing fragment. Due to such an operation, a cosmetic defect from the previous surgical intervention (if necessary) is eliminated. In addition, after segmental resection, restoration with an implant is not possible.

Also, thanks to lipofilling, you can make both breasts symmetrical relative to each other. For some reason, it happens that one of the mammary glands (right or left) is smaller.

In addition, breast augmentation with fat can be useful in other situations:

  • Loss of shape and firmness due to pregnancy and lactation.
  • Lack of tissue for the implant placement procedure.
  • The desire of the patient to increase the volume of the breast and correct its shape.

Well, if a woman doesn't like her shape and wants to correct her mammary glands, but at the same time does not want to resort to artificial implants, then lipofilling is the only right choice. However, here you should first make sure that there are no contraindications to such a procedure.

When should you abstain?

features of breast augmentation technique with fat

Since lipofilling is a surgical intervention (even if it is for the good of the body and business), the body is under stress anyway. And this applies not only to the psychological aspect (although in the photo breast augmentation with fat looks good), but also includes a physical factor. For this reason, a preliminary consultation with the surgeon is carried out, the necessary tests are taken.

Absolute contraindications are:

  • The special position of women and the period of breastfeeding.
  • Neoplasms of any kind.
  • Weakened immunity.
  • HIV or AIDS.
  • Presence of infectious diseases.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  • Overweight.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Blood clotting disorder.
  • Pregnancy planning.

The doctor can identify other diseases, after which he will make the necessary decision: refuse the operation or postpone the procedure to a more suitable time. You should also refrain from lipofilling during your period.

Possible risks

Almost any surgical intervention has its own risks. And breast augmentation with your own fat is no exception. This operation is a rather complicated procedure, but, despite all the professionalism of the specialists and the observance of all the necessary conditions, the appearance of side effects and complications is possible.

Resorption of adipose tissue

In most cases, this cannot be avoided, but fortunately, the breast does not lose much volume. Only in extremely rare cases does the fatty tissue completely dissolve. And this is again due to stress: the body is accustomed to the state that it had before the lipofilling procedure, and after the intervention it can react negatively, trying to return the usual comfortable feeling. This risk increases significantly if the doctor's recommendations regarding wearing supportive underwear and taking medications are not followed.

It can also lead to a number of complications. Due to the migration of fat, seals can form, and if you do not seek medical advice in a timely manner, the development of neoplasms is possible.

how is breast augmentation procedure performed with fat

What else can a breast augmentation procedure lead to with your own fat? Due to the uneven dissolution of adipose tissue, pits and bumps appear, which is noticeable not only visually, but also tactilely. Fortunately, this condition negatively affects only the appearance, only in very rare cases can there be health problems. In this case, the doctor can prescribe resorption drugs to eliminate the results of the increase or repeat the procedure.

In some cases, individual fat tissues die off, being saturated with calcium salts. Then the formation of calcifications (hard lumps) occurs, which causes certain difficulties for a medical examination of the breast. They are also unpleasant to the touch.

The resorption of fat masses helps to change not only the volume of the breast, but also its shape. And as a result of the unevenness of this process, the proportions of the mammary glands are violated.

Inflammatory processes

Also, the development of inflammation after the operation cannot be ruled out, for which there are certain reasons. One of them is getting an infection into the mammary glands during the procedure. In many ways, this indicates the incompetence and unprofessionalism of the person who performed lipofilling.

If this happens, another operation should be performed to remove fat and inflammation. Another reason is associated with non-observance of preoperative hygiene, when the remains of cosmetics are in the breast cavity. And since these are chemical particles, the body reacts to their presence accordingly: it tries to get rid of them when it sees a threat. As a result, inflammation appears.

After the procedure for breast augmentation with the help of its own fat, when individual cells die off, they break down into components. Sometimes, instead of calmly removing such "garbage", the body perceives it as a serious danger. As a result, an inflammatory process develops in the area of ​​dead cells. You can remove them with the help of special preparations. Treatment must begin in a timely manner, otherwise there is a serious threat to the woman's health.

Other consequences

There may be other complications after corrective breast surgery:

  • Swellingis ​​more of a side effect of any breast surgery. However, the edema disappears within 7 days, does not pose a serious threat and does not require any special treatment. At the same time, if the swelling is large, this should not be ignored. Often, their appearance is associated with non-compliance with the surgeon's recommendations after surgery, excessive consumption of liquids or spicy foods.
  • Hematomas- they inevitably appear when the vessels are injured, which occurs under the influence of fat embedded in the chest. As a result, this leads to bruising. As a rule, they also disappear within a week, in rare cases two.
  • Fibrosisis ​​the result of injecting excessive amounts of adipose tissue into the breast. The connective tissue, which is located between the glands and fat, thickens, and this process is accompanied by pain, and quite severe. To the touch, this is manifested by bumps or other irregularities, and sometimes fibrosis is visible on visual inspection.

And since the appearance of many complications in most cases is associated with the unprofessionalism of doctors, it is necessary to responsibly choose clinics where they responsibly approach breast augmentation with fat. Reviews of women who have already undergone such a procedure will be a kind of guarantee or useful recommendation.

Preparatory stage

how to prepare for breast augmentation with fat

If a woman decides to enlarge her breasts by introducing her own adipose tissue, then one cannot do without preliminary preparation. During the first appointment, the doctor examines the patient, which makes it possible to assess her general condition, identify problem areas and designate the area of ​​collection of the necessary material.

This is followed by a general clinical examination, which includes the delivery of tests (blood, urine), ECG. Also, a woman needs to get permission from a therapist to perform an operation. Immediately before the procedure, you need to gain strength and rest. Do not take aspirin, cigarettes and alcohol for 14 days before the operation.

Lipofilling technology

On the one hand, this procedure seems easy: you took a biomaterial, placed it in the breast cavity. In reality, everything is not as simple as it seems, the result directly depends on the technology of its implementation, which can be conditionally divided into 2 main stages:

  1. Taking material.As a rule, experts pay attention to the thighs, buttocks, abdominal wall (as mentioned above). This is done with a curette with a diameter of 3-4 mm, connected to a syringe. In its half, a pressure difference is created, due to which fat cells are absorbed.
  2. Transplantation.The evacuated adipose tissue is centrifuged, and then it is introduced into the mammary gland. Here, strict control over the procedure is necessary, the ingress of fat into the parenchyma should be excluded. And since 50% of the fatty graft is absorbed, in order to obtain the desired result from the procedure for breast augmentation due to its own fat, it is taken almost 2 times more than necessary.

The main thing is that the donor tissue retains its viability during collection and after transplantation to a new site.

Expert recommendations

rehabilitation after breast augmentation with fat

To minimize all the risks after surgery, you must adhere to the simple rules of doctors. During the first 24 hours, pain, bruising, redness and swelling will appear. Do not be afraid of this, this phenomenon is the norm. After a week or two, they will pass on their own. With a successful outcome of the operation, the patient can go home on the second day. As for the rehabilitation period, it can last a week.

During the first few days, avoid strenuous physical activity and restrict movement of the arms and upper torso. If the pain is severe, pain relievers should be taken. Compression underwear is mandatory. You can start sports activities no earlier than 2 months after the lipofilling procedure. And you should refrain from intimacy for a week.

Good hygiene is essential to avoid the risk of contracting your own fat after breast augmentation surgery. And after each water procedure, puncture sites should be treated with alcohol or iodine solution. The doctor prescribes antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce unwanted risks.