All pros and cons of the hyaluronic acid-based breast augmentation method

hyaluronic acid injections for breast augmentation

In the cosmetic industry, many methods have been developed for changing the volume of the breast.

Breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid injections is considered one of the most effective and safe.

It is important that the desired result is achieved without surgery, general anesthesia and other risks associated with standard radical methods.


The procedure for breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid fillers is recommended in the following cases:

  • if it is necessary to give the breast a small volume, increase it by no more than size;
  • if you want to eliminate asymmetry;
  • in the presence of permanent implants - when it is necessary to correct the shape, to make the breast more natural.


examination by a doctor before breast augmentation

Breast correction with preparations based on hyaluronic acid, like any other procedure, is carried out only in the absence of contraindications.

Experts do not recommend resorting to breast augmentation surgeries and procedures in the presence of such health problems:

  1. Chronic diseases of internal organs.
  2. Cardiovascular and oncological diseases.
  3. The presence of breast tumors.
  4. Increased blood sugar.
  5. Mastopathy.
  6. Impaired functioning of the immune system;
  7. Skin problems - rashes, wounds, trauma, inflammation.

In addition, you should refrain from the procedure during pregnancy and lactation.

The technique will not give the desired results in such cases:

  1. Pronounced tissue prolapse.
  2. Loose skin in the décolleté area.
  3. If you want to enlarge the mammary glands by several sizes (with correction, strong tissue stretching is possible).

If a woman is planning a pregnancy, this procedure will also be inappropriate.

Operating principle

how hyaluron is used for breast augmentation

Hyaluron is a large molecule that can hold a lot of moisture. The drug activates the production of its own collagen, therefore, makes the skin smoother, more elastic, moisturized and smoothes wrinkles.

In addition, injections help to tighten and enlarge the breasts, give them elasticity. The tool is considered the most effective and safe, does not cause allergies and is not rejected by the human body.

The principle of operation is as follows:

  1. The substance penetrates into the deep subcutaneous layers and fills the empty space. Due to the dense, viscous texture, the acid remains in the tissues for a rather long period.
  2. The substance injected under the skin actively attracts moisture, thereby creating volume and moisturizing the skin.

Over time, the substance is naturally excreted from the body.


The technique has a number of indisputable advantages:

  1. Safety.The composition of modern fillers includes hyaluron, which has properties identical to the hyaluronic acid produced by the body, so there are no negative effects.
  2. Simplicity of the procedure.The session lasts no more than two hours and does not require surgical interventions.
  3. Lack of anesthesia. . . Only a local anesthetic is used.
  4. Painlessness.Injection of fillers is easy enough.
  5. Multifunctionality of drugs.When using modern fillers, you can change not only the volume, but also the shape of the breast, as well as eliminate asymmetry.
  6. No allergic reactions.The filler is close in consistency to the composition of mammary gland tissues, which means that it is excluded from probing and the manifestation of allergies.
  7. Short recovery period(several days).
  8. The result can be assessed immediately after the procedure., because with this technology, the puffiness is not as pronounced as with other methods, and the filler is immediately distributed in the corrected places.
  9. Additional correction is allowed, after a while, to maintain efficiency.


Despite the many advantages, the method has some disadvantages, namely:

  1. Difficult diagnostics of the mammary glands. It is not recommended to take an x-ray of the mammary glands after the procedure, as fillers will be visible in the x-ray. Doctors can make a mistake in the diagnosis, mistaking the consequences of the procedure for a tumor.
  2. The complexity of palpation and the very examination of the breast for the presence of neoplasms.
  3. Fragility. The effect lasts for a maximum of 2 years.
  4. The likelihood of filler migration.
  5. The possibility of infection. To avoid such a problem, you should observe hygiene and adhere to the advice of a cosmetologist.
  6. The high cost of the service.


testing before breast augmentation

Two weeks before the injections, it is required to undergo a general examination and pass tests, which will be prescribed by the specialist responsible for the procedure.

As a rule, this is a general analysis of blood and urine, biochemistry, coagulogram. The doctor must give a referral for an electrocardiogram and an ultrasound of the mammary glands. It is necessary to consult with a therapist and endocrinologist on the eve of the operation.

It is not recommended to drink alcohol a few days before injections. Important! The doctor must know about taking any medications on the eve of the operation.


This operation must be performed by a qualified specialist who has completed a special training course. He must have diplomas and certificates confirming his qualifications.

The work is carried out in several stages:

  1. The skin is treated with an antiseptic, a local anesthetic is applied.
  2. After a few minutes, the drug is slowly injected into the pre-marked places.
  3. Fillers can be injected using different methods (under the breast or under the pectoralis major muscle). It depends on the original breast shape and the desired result.
  4. After the introduction of HA, the tissues are again treated with an antiseptic.

The maximum volume of the drug injected into one mammary gland should not exceed 300 ml.


compression garments after breast augmentation

The recovery period on average lasts from one to three weeks, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.

In order not to provoke the occurrence of serious complications, for several weeks after the procedure, you should refrain from visiting the pool, solarium or sauna, and avoid hypothermia.

It is strictly forbidden to sleep on your chest so that the gel does not shift. Also, you can not do massages during the recovery period.

The first 3-4 weeks are recommended to reduce physical activity, especially on the upper body. You should not wear normal bras or synthetic fabrics.

During the rehabilitation period, it is required to wear special compression underwear.

If you follow these simple guidelines, the result will only be pleasing.


Patients rarely experience any complications after the procedure. Of the common side effects, one can single out:

  • bruising and swelling at the puncture sites of the skin;
  • slight pain in the chest area;
  • increased body temperature (rare).

Such symptoms are observed for two days after the operation.

Sometimes more serious consequences arise. In most cases, this is due to the patient's failure to follow the recommendations during the rehabilitation period or after the procedure, contrary to contraindications.

Such complications are likely:

  • migration and spreading of the gel;
  • inflammatory processes;
  • the gel does not hold a given shape well;
  • asymmetry;
  • necrosis of breast tissue (occurs when an infection is introduced).


breast measurement after augmentation

The desired result lasts 12-24 months. The acid dissolves over time in the body.

The duration of the effect depends on individual characteristics, in particular, on the condition of the skin, its firmness and elasticity. The final result is assessed at the end of the rehabilitation period.

To maintain the effect, a correction should be made every 1-2 years. During the initial correction, 40% of the initial volume of the filler is injected into the mammary glands.

With the second - about 15%. This method significantly prolongs the effect and reduces the risk of premature loss of breast shape.


The technique is quite expensive. The final price depends on such factors:

  • the amount of filler introduced;
  • the cost of the drug;
  • the prestige of the clinic;
  • cost of services of a cosmetologist.

Alternative methods


The bottom line is the introduction of silicone implants into the mammary glands. This technique is effective, but has many disadvantages.

Firstly, surgery is required under general anesthesia, and secondly, problems with implants may arise.

After injections with hyaluronic acid, the breasts look more natural than after mammoplasty.

Thread lift

suture lift for breast augmentation

This technique is aimed at correcting and improving the shape of the bust without surgery.

Despite the simplicity of the procedure, it is not suitable for everyone and has a number of serious limitations.

As a result of tightening with threads, the breast does not increase in volume, but it becomes more elastic, elastic and toned.


The technique consists in introducing a meso-cocktail into the mammary glands, the composition of which is determined by a specialist, depending on the problem.

Mesotherapy helps to slightly enlarge the breasts, get rid of stretch marks, age spots and scars. Many patients note the painfulness of such a procedure.

Laser correction

This is a relatively new technology for bust correction. Its essence lies in the use of laser beams that affect the mammary glands.

Unlike other methods, laser technology can only tighten and slightly improve the shape of the breast.

Bust augmentation with your own fat

The procedure involves the collection of its own fatty substance from problem areas, after which a special processing of fat is performed and its subsequent introduction into the area of the mammary glands.

The indisputable advantage of this technology is that foreign bodies and substances are not introduced into the body.

In addition to increasing the volume, you can simultaneously get rid of unnecessary fatty deposits. This technique is not suitable for girls who are underweight.

Folk methods

The most common methods of breast augmentation with folk remedies include:

  1. Iodine mesh.
  2. Applying compresses.
  3. The use of special infusions.

The effect of folk remedies is possible only after very long-term use.


Analyzing the opinions of the patients, we can conclude that women who enlarged their breasts with hyaluronic acid were satisfied with the result.