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Andreas Joist


  • Breast augmentation with your own fat or lipofilling. What is the meaning of the procedure, how is it carried out, how long can the effect be? Who is the operation to pump autologous fat into the breast indicated or contraindicated for? Is it possible to do it without anesthesia during the procedure? Answers in the article.
    4 September 2021
  • You are looking for an answer to the question "How to increase breast volume at home? "We advise you to read this material and get the necessary information.
    28 August 2021
  • Technique of breast augmentation with hyaluronic acid, pros and cons of the procedure. The effect of the drug and the expected result. Possible complications and recommendations.
    9 August 2021
  • Breast augmentation methods: massage (classic, Taoist, from Mieko Yoshimaru), special food, creams, iodine, masks (radish, potatoes), hormonal preparations, exercises, extraordinary methods, folk remedies (collection of herbs, oregano, flax seeds, hop cones, mallow root), optical illusion.
    26 December 2020
  • How to enlarge breast without surgery: 13 ways or breast surgery? Why breast loses its shape. Ways of breast enlargement without surgery. A balanced diet for breast enlargement. Iodine for breast augmentation.
    20 June 2020